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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.
Ti va di scrivere per il nostro Blog? - Segni Particolari

Do you want to write for our Blog?

The blog opens its doors and gives you the opportunity to become an author for us!


The Segni Particolari Home blog opens its doors to our customers and beyond. Even you who are reading can write for us if you want, the heart of everything will be the House and everything that revolves around it. If you love writing and photography you are in the right place.

The articles will be selected and those published will receive credits and tags to social profiles. Furthermore, for each article published, the author will receive a 30% discount to be used on an online order.

Here's how to participate

write an article about one of these topics:

  • Home and furniture
  • Seasonal arrangements
  • Home tricks
  • Recipes
  • DIY projects

Send your article proposal in word/pages file by inserting one or more photos.

The file must be sent to

It is not necessary to insert photographs of products purchased at our shop, but if you send us an exquisite recipe presented on one of our dishes we will certainly be delighted to publish it!

In the email remember to include all the references to your social profile, so that if you are selected and published we will have the possibility to tag you and refer readers to your page.

All that remains is to take pen and paper (or pc) and start jotting down some ideas. We can't wait to read and publish you ♡

"I'm thanking a sheet of paper, but I'm not crazy, a sheet of paper often helps me feel better."

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