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Brut Patrick Soutiran Blanc De Blancs - Champagne Prodotto artigianale segni-particolari-home Vineria

Brut Patrick Soutiran Blanc De Blancs - Champagne

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Capacity 0.75 L

Product number: 8763
Premier Cru

Among the various types of champagne there is one, in particular, more graceful and feminine and is that of Blanc de Blancs. This type of cuvée makes use of the assembly of chardonnay grapes alone (hence the term that specifies that the wine is produced with only white berry grapes) produced from different vineyards and with the delicate and limited use of vin de réserve to preserve the floral and fruity character; the final product is also characterized by the softness and creaminess of the effervescence.

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