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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.
Come far bruciare le candele nel modo giusto, senza sprecare cera? - Segni Particolari

How to make burning the candles in the just way, without wasting wax?

Are you tired of seeing wasted half of the wax of your candles? Punctually does a crater create you for itself in the centre of the jar and the candle does not burn in homogeneous way?

Few sagacity is enough to solve your problem
I know that when I purchase a new candle perfumed the temptation of lighting it it is very high, you must not have to take nevertheless the haste, but wait for the just moment. You will think that I should be the romantic one, but I am not talking about special occasions. What you must wait for is of having at least a pair of free orette to be able to be at home. Two hours?! Eh itself, to make burning in homogeneous way your candles the first time is obligatory to hold them lighted by a minimum of two hours in way that forms the famous "swimming pool". Once started making her burn in correct way then it will be simpler to exploit all the wax.

Two wicks is megl that one
This is a world full of candles perfumed in glass jar, we are all surrounded by now. Another secret to survive in this new scenery of the profumazione for the house is without doubt shade the double wick.
The jars Village Candle in fact thanks to two burners facilitate the life for you.

Not at all more wax volcanoes, it is enough that it holes and money waste. All the purchased wax is exploited and also the returned one of the perfume is of a superior quality.

To burn well a candle means not only what she lasts more but that emanates also more I perfume, to leave the wax put down on the contour of the jar means that with her also all the essential oils will be lost. There is needed then the indications follow with care from this guide.

I have read too late this post and you have already accumulated jars full of wax to be become
Not panic at all! We know what to do from it. What serves is an essences burner:) that is electric or no it has importance. What you can do is to remove the wax in excess from the bottom and board of your jar and to keep it. You will be able to use it then as the melter that are purchased to chop and to be burnt.


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