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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.

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Ti va di scrivere per il nostro Blog? - Segni Particolari

Do you want to write for our Blog?

The blog opens its doors and gives you the opportunity to become an author for us. Even you who are reading can write for us if you want, the heart of everything will be the House and everything that revolves around it. If you love writing and photography you are in the right place.
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  • Tutto sulle Uova - Segni Particolari

    All about Eggs

    Simona presents a new article, this time inspired by her latest purchase on Segni Particolari: the egg house. He will tell us everything about eggs: the various types, their conservation, nutritional values, benefits and contraindications and many curiosities and recipes.
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  • Le posate: storia e linguaggio segreto. - Segni Particolari

    Cutlery: history and secret language.

    Cutlery is something that is part of our daily life and is almost taken for granted, so we decided to dedicate a few lines to it. We have told its origin and history and then move on to more curious aspects, such as the secret language that cutlery hides.
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  • Sua maestà: la Teiera. - Segni Particolari

    His Majesty: the Teapot.

    Once upon a time there was a proud teapot, proud of its porcelain, its long spout, its wide handle…”

    This is the beginning of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, which tells, at times amusingly and at times dramatically, the adventure of a prestigious porcelain teapot. 

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  • La Zuppiera e la sua eleganza senza tempo - Segni Particolari

    The soup tureen and its timeless elegance

    by Simona Pruiti Ciarello Today we will talk about an object that we all have at home, as it represents the "highlight" of good service. Surely nowadays, accustomed to modernity and practicality, we have forgotten about it  a shelf of...

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