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Lampada Catalitica Lampe Berger: come funziona e a cosa serve? - Segni Particolari

Lampe Berger Catalytic Lamp: how does it work and what is it for?

You've heard so much about Lampe Berger's catalytic lamp, but you're not sure if it can be useful to you and what can it be used for? You are on the right page.

Just think that the catalytic lamp was invented by Dr. Berger in the 1800s, its primary function was precisely that of purifying the air and the environment and it was used to sanitize hospital environments.

Over time, the brand has evolved and created real design and furnishing objects, now there are lampe bergers of every color and taste to allow you to choose the one that best matches your home.

Perfuming was then added to the function of purification and elimination of bad smells. Lampe Berger therefore allows you to purify and eliminate all odors and perfume the house in a single solution.

All Lampe Berger refills and fragrances are in fact equally functional for purifying the home, you just have to choose the right perfume that's right for you.

Don't you love perfumes at home and just want to sanitize the environment? You can buy the Lampe Berger Neutral Essential refill, it purifies and sanitizes your room without giving off any kind of perfume, it is the preferred choice for dinners with friends, when you cook and want to remove odors but prefer not to perfume the dining room too much . The neutral can also be used to lengthen and dilute all fragrances, thus making them lighter and more delicate.

If you want to buy your first Lampe Berger, here are some useful links:

Lampe Berger Boxes + Refill

Lampe Berger Catalytic Lamps

Lampe Berger refills

Remember one very important thing : Lampe Berger is the company that invented the catalase diffusion system to remove odors and bacteria, it has an international patent and ensures this operation only through the use of original Lampe Berger lamp, wick and fragrances. Do not insert non-original perfumes in your lamp as it will not work, on the contrary what you will get is only having to replace the burner wick. Same thing for Lampe Berger perfumes inserted in non-original lamps, maybe you will be able to perfume the environment successfully, but the main function of purifying the air will not take place.

Now let's see in a more specific way how to turn on your Lampe Berger catalytic lamp

lampe berger catalytic lamp operation

  • Using the funnel provided, fill your Lampe Berger lamp 2/3 full
  • Insert the wick and leave it in the liquid for 20 minutes before lighting it (only for the first time, or when the lamp has been empty for a long time and then the wick has dried out and needs to be wetted thoroughly)
  • light the wick with a match or lighter and leave the flame alive for 2/3 minutes (do not forget the flame is lit as the wick could then wear out and be damaged sooner than expected)
  • blow and place the perforated cap, at this point the incandescent wick will work and purifying and perfuming your environment
  • for an average kitchen/dining room it takes 20/30 minutes to switch on the lamp, after which you can switch it off using the closed cap, which by removing oxygen will switch off the lamp
  • the extinguished lamp with residual liquid inside is ready for the next use: 2 minutes of flame and go
  • if you want to change the perfume inside you can help yourself with the funnel and transfer the liquid back into the original bottle, if instead the liquid inside your Lampe Berger is almost finished, you can insert the new one: at first you will smell a little of perfume of the previous one, then once finished the new fragrance will start.

If you still have any doubts, write to us in the chat, we will be happy to help you choose your new Lampe Berger catalytic lamp!

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