Lampe Berger: it doesn't work and doesn't light up anymore. What to do?

Lampe Berger no longer works. The burner wick cools down quickly and the catalytic lamp does not activate. What to do in this case?
Here are some valuable tips.

A Wick problem
 The Berger lamp no longer lights up, very often it is a burn burner problem.
The wick is in fact the only part of our catalytic lamp that can deteriorate over time. The company ensures its operation for about 200 ignitions.

Since I have my shop I have known many stories of wicks on which I could easily write a book: some ladies have assured me that their wick lasted even 10 years! Others, on the other hand, rush to cover by buying a spare after less than a year.
Certainly the difference is given by how and how much we use our lamp: if we continually forget the flame lit more than 2/3 minutes then we will buy many wicks in the course of our life.

A small recommendation
A clarification is a must: the catalytic lamps by Maison Berger only work with original liquids and refills. If you have inserted a non-original liquid in the lamp, it is likely that the wick (also new) is to be replaced. The only possible attempt at this point is to let the wick dry completely, making it dry. Now try the ignition again doing the luck dance.
However, I do not want to give you false hopes as many of the liquids used for other similar lamps have an oily base and this characteristic clogs the Berger catalytic system.

Before buying a new wick, try them all
It may happen that your wick did not have to undergo so many ignitions and that you are a perfect user of catalytic lamps, so the question is: what happened to this Lampe Berger?
Has your catalytic lamp been forgotten in a corner of the house for some time? You haven't needed it lately and it has been turned off? Sometimes a "vacuum" situation can arise: take out the wick by letting oxygen pass for a few minutes, then insert it again and try the ignition again.
How much does a new Wick cost?
The price of the wick is not excessive, considering the fact that it is the heart of our catalytic lamp.

Since 2019 there is only one and only wick size for each lamp, of any type and size. In addition, this new wick has a big news, if before you had to be careful to fill our Lampe Berger leave a quarter of space for oxygen, now it is no longer necessary, if you buy a new generation wick you can use the full capacity of your lamp.
There hasn't been a big change in price compared to the previous model, the difference is only 0.50 cents, the new wick burner will cost you € 15.

If you still have any doubts and request assistance, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you understand if your wick is now at the end of its life cycle or if there is still hope for him.

If, after reading this article, you understand that it is now necessary to buy a new wick for your Maison Berger lamp, I remind you that you can find it on sale in our shop:


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