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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.
Nuovo Montalatte Smeg - Segni Particolari

New Montalatte Smeg

, You're probably asking, all, looking at it, what is this new wonder Smeg. The latest product from retro, that goes well with every type and style of kitchen. The brand new montalatte will be an ally special, has many functions and can be exploited in several occasions, from the family breakfast, a snack with friends, or why not, for a cuddle in the evening after dinner.

montalatte smeg

The mode of use has 6 different options:
  • Simple scaldalatte
  • lightweight Foam hot
  • Foam dense warm
  • light Foam cold
  • Foam dense cold
  • Manual hot or cold
  • Chocolate
the last two points have at this point, without doubt, caught your attention. Here's how they work:

montalatte black smeg

The manual mode is really interesting, can be exploited both cold and hot. You can decide when to start and stop the unit, deciding what and how much to heat it up. Give space to your fantasy!
Last, but surely not least, is the mode of hot chocolate. By turning the crank the breakfast on a cup of a dark color, and adding it to the pot with milk and chocolate flakes, you can get a delicious hot chocolate. Try it to believe it!
At this point, you surely understand how you can do less of the brand-new montalatte Smeg, in case you have already decided that it should be your here are the colors available on our online shop!


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