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Cardamomum - Diffusore Ambiente con Bacchette 100ml Chiara Firenze segni-particolari-home Chiara Firenze

Cardamomum - Diffusor Ambiente Bacchette

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Ability | 100ml
Colour | Shining through
Material | Glass

Produced code: 9209
I furnish bottle

The Cardamom confers tones spiced, softened by the hot signs of leaves of Mandarin and Walnut Muscat.

Cardamomum turns out to be very stimulating and reinforcing for the cerebral functions. An intoxicating fragrance that it has as it takes the name from that one that in antiquity was considered “it spices it what it makes enchant”. It is useful when here is felt devoid of energy and it tyres.


SIGNS OF TESTA FOGLIE of Mandarin, Rosa Canina

SIGNS OF HEART Cardamom, Walnut Muscat

SIGNS OF TAIL Wood of Cedar



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