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Il Set Pappa: ricordo indelebile nel cuore di Bimbi e Genitori - Segni Particolari

The Pappa Set: an indelible memory in the hearts of Children and Parents

by Simona Pruiti Ciarello

Hello dear readers, here I am again writing about porcelain and crockery. I always talk to you about accessories that we have at home and that we may not appreciate or that we don't give the right importance and value to.

Today in particular I want to focus your attention on the classic Pappa set! We all received it as children, as a birth or christening gift, or perhaps our parents simply bought it in anticipation of the beginning of weaning (an often delicate stage of growth that is very scary for mothers).

Baby food set for every taste

As you well know, there are various types, materials and designs on the market today, some also have matching and coordinated bibs (we'll talk about this later). 

The set often consists of saucers, cutlery and a cup or glass to start drinking yourself. We find them in different styles and designs, in porcelain, plastic or eco-friendly materials, in short, truly for all tastes.

As usual, I want to underline the value of the baby food set which perhaps got lost in time. Below I show you some photos of what was mine, it's 39 years old and everything is still intact! Obviously now it's been a while since I've used it anymore, but I assure you that I've also used it as a grown-up and reliving the memories of the first meals is always a pleasure.

Let's also remember that eating sitting down at the beginning is great news for the baby and is always a good challenge. But once weaning has started, little gourmets will eat with more appetite if they find their favorite set in front of them. In addition to eating, they will also feed their imagination with their imagination and everything will become more pleasant, even those dishes they don't particularly like could become more appetizing. 

The perfect gift

We are often undecided about the right gift to give to children, we would like something useful but not trivial and perhaps that will remain as a memory as we grow up. So my intent with this article is to have helped you in a choice of this type, as you have read the Baby food set  always and forever is an ad hoc gift.

You will therefore be giving away not only the set, which the mother will surely keep with care and jealousy in the years to come, but also moments and memories that will remain etched forever in the hearts of parents and children.

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