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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.
Chiara Firenze - Un mondo di Fragranze per la Casa - Segni Particolari

Chiara Firenze - A world of Home Fragrances

Among all the household items in our shop, there is a lovely niche of totally made in Italy artisanal perfumes: we are talking about Chiara Firenze.
Each element and ingredient is chosen with the utmost care and attention to raise the quality of the final product in order to offer exclusive and unforgettable fragrances. In this perspective, all the raw materials used are GMO-free and free from animal derivatives. The alcohol used is bio-alcohol, derived from the processing of sugar beets.
So forget those home fragrances that cause headaches, too strong and bulky. Chiara Firenze creates elegant, persistent and decisive, but fine and delicate perfumes.
Trust me, it will be a pleasure for you and your guests to enter the house and breathe in the Chiara Firenze fragrances.
chiara florence fragrances online shop
Glass bottles are wonderful stick diffusers to show off in any room of the house, they come in different sizes and capacities and are elegant and perfect for any style of furniture. For those who want to add a touch of color there are also these: glazed ceramic bottles.
chiara florence ambient diffusers shop
All the refills to fill your bottles are equipped with new sticks, so as to be able to replace the old ones, which perhaps with time and the widespread perfume have now yellowed and damaged and above all no longer emanate the various perfumes with the same effectiveness.
We then move on to the sprays: of all the fragrances we have the spray diffusers for the environment. While as far as fabric sprays are concerned, Chiara Firenze today only makes them in those fragrances that do not stain and ruin your precious textile.
A great and one of the latest novelties is the laundry perfumer: to be inserted in the softener tray, it perfumes your clothes in a unique way. The perfume persists and thus moves into your wardrobe, thus perfuming the whole bedroom or walk-in closet.
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