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Greengate finalmente online! - Segni Particolari

Buy GreenGate on our online shop!

Finally after a long wait, the products of our beloved GreenGate line can finally be purchased online on our shop!
The romantic taste of kitchen porcelain, delicate pastel colors that will make your snack with friends unique.
Tea cups, teapots, table services, plates, saucers, bowls ... in short, whoever has more has more. The GreenGate line has already kidnapped your heart.
The most famous collections of the brand can finally be purchased online, you won't even have to get up from the sofa :)

Here are the most popular GreenGate lines, now available on SPHOME.IT:

  • Abigail White
  • Alice Dusty Green
  • Alice Pale Blue
  • Alice Pale Green
  • Alice Pale Pink
  • Alva White
  • Ansley White
  • Aurelia
  • Cherie White
  • Constance White
  • Elisabeth White
  • Ellison Pale Blue
  • Fiona
  • Franka White
  • Gabby White
  • Helle Pale Blue
  • Helle Pale Pink
  • Kitty White
  • Lily Petit White
  • Marley Whit
  • Nicoline
  • Ottilia White
  • Ruby Petit White
  • Sinja White
  • Spot Pale Blue
  • Pale Green spot
  • Spot Pale Pink
  • Tova Pale Blue
  • Vivianne White
  • Zoe Pale Pink
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