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La Zuppiera e la sua eleganza senza tempo - Segni Particolari

The soup tureen and its timeless elegance

by Simona Pruiti Ciarello

Today we will talk about an object that we all have at home, as it represents the "highlight" of good service. Surely nowadays, accustomed to modernity and practicality, we have forgotten about it  a shelf of the sideboard to get dusty as if it were its only destiny. Young people above all will think it's too classic and useless, maybe they keep it as a souvenir, but woe to use it and maybe unintentionally break it.
But what am I talking about? Of course the beautiful Tureen!

Here is a definition:

We all know what it is, in my research I found a definition that I really liked and I absolutely want to share it with you, it is taken from the book by Giorgio Ballantini entitled "The friend of ceramics" (Vallecchi edition, Florence 1974).

The author defines it as follows: “Large pottery soup bowl, usually rounded in shape, low with two side handles and fitted with a lid. Generally the lid ends with relief decoration in the socket. Some tureens have support feet, others are built in trompe-l'oeil, in the shape of animals, vegetables, etc. Still others have a plastic rocaille shape. Even the handles often depict leaves, fruit or animal heads”.

The tureen has its golden age in the era of Louis XIV, when the dining table presented  you brought them in a sumptuous way and with an important ceremonial, in this context it even sanctioned the beginning of the opening ceremony. They were so beautiful and elegant that they enhanced the sharing of food, serving a dish in a precious well-made crockery was unmatched. The tureen was undoubtedly a symbol of cooking and family celebrations.

Handcrafted by master pewters, they evoked both formality and solidity. Real works made to perfection by the best craftsmen. It was an honor to show diners such an object.

So dear young people, I am addressing you above all, nowadays soup tureens are also made of other materials: such as terracotta and ceramic, so you don't necessarily have to go and dust off that of good service, even if, I assure you, it would be a reason to pride for you in the eyes of your guests.

How to use the Tureen?

It is useful for containing tasty broths, hot soups, soups of various types, to be poured delicately into bowls with a curved ladle.

But be careful: they are a perfect refuge, even if temporary, for handmade fettuccine or pappardelle. But let me tell you a little trick, if you have decided to prepare a pumpkin soup or cream, you could decide to serve it in the pumpkin carcass (which you have previously emptied) your guests will appreciate it and their compliments will not fail.

Today  I have decided to offer you a dish in the "classic soup bowl", which belonged to my grandmother and now to my mother, which I, despite being of simple manufacture, love very much. I assure you that on a table it brings its glance.

I cooked a simple soup  "fantasy of legumes" (which I recommend to everyone as it brings together all the legumes in a single solution, saving time and money).

Served hot with the addition of croutons, it is a source of iron and vitamins and is a real treat for all palates, even the most demanding ones.

This time I cooked it simply, with only the addition of salt and oil. However, carrots, tomatoes or potatoes can also be used, as desired and according to the time available.

I hope that the information contained in my article has intrigued you, but above all they have made you want to go and get our dear soup tureen, give it a good sprinkling and enjoy its undisputed elegance.

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Walter - February 15, 2022

Verissimo. Ed è a volte molto elegante

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