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Enter the code "BLACKWEEK" and get 20% off EVERYTHING! Promo ends Friday 25th at midnight.
Come apparecchiare una Tavola per tutti i giorni - Segni Particolari

An everyday table

You always have little time to set the table every day. But if we want to cure it I will reveal a secret, just a little and it is often a low cost issue. There are few elements needed, often we already have them, we just need to combine them in the right way and that's it.
table set by everyday
  • Whether you're in 2 people or eight, one Tablecloth or a Runner simple but original are the key and the basis from which to always start. 
  • Once we've thought about the tablecloth or strip it, based on it we have to choose the Flat. If you opted for a patterned fabric I would combine a solid service and vice versa. We don't create confusion, simplicity always wins.
  • Glass: we do not need the most beautiful glass taken from the crystalline, the glass of the "farmer" will be fine, will give a retro but refined style.
  • The Laid wooden that you see in the photo is definitely a treat of the Brand Rivadossi, but a simple and natural cutlery service will be fine, even classic steel is always perfect on every occasion. 
table for every day table for every day 
  • Here we are at the Towel: choose it of cloth, the environment will thank you! Many will say, what an inconvenience though, you want to put compared to the disposable paper napkin. But here's the solution: a nice tie- Why not, one different from the other to distinguish the napkin of each member of the family, or here is a second solution. Customize it with a little imagination, I used a Dymo labeler that engraves the "old" labels white on black, you can apply it to a simple and without decorations, if tomorrow you will tire you can remove it without spoiling anything.
I hope that these simple tips can help you to realize a mise en place without too many frills, but sought after and appreciated at the sight of your most critical diners: your family!
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